Our History

Verborg Group is a joint venture between family Borgesius & Verhagen. An entrepeneurial family business with a long-term vision and ambition.

From an early age, the Borgesius brothers, John and Goedhart, gained practical exposure to the operations of an animal rendering company while accompanying their father. This early experience allowed them to become acquainted with product lines and production processes. Following this formative period, they briefly worked for major corporations within the vegetable oil industry. In 2013, the brothers ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing the Borgesius Group, a successful enterprise specializing in the sales and business development of vegetable oils, fats, and fat powders. Their journey continued with the establishment of Airogroup in 2019, a company specializing in the production of biodegradable lubricants, cleaners, and coatings derived from vegetable sources.

Leveraging their substantial expertise and industry insights, John and Goedhart Borgesius have cultivated a robust network within the global vegetable oils domain. They have also collaborated on the development and patenting of innovative recipes.

The Verhagen family, hailing from North Holland, boasts a rich tradition of entrepreneurship. Hedde Verhagen, previously held a position as an investment banker at JP Morgan before becoming involved in the family enterprise. Eventually, Hedde went on to establish his own company, HCV Investments, with a primary focus on direct investments within the insurance and commodity sectors.

Located directly at the North-Sea with our own jetty

Among their long-standing assets, the Verhagen family holds ownership of Contitank, a tank storage company specialized in the storage of vegetable oils and fats. Recognizing the potential for synergy and strategic alignment, the Verhagen family, in conjunction with John and Goedhart from the Borgesius family, made the decision to form a partnership. This strategic partnership has given rise to the Verborg Group. This combined entity now possesses a distinctive competitive advantage within the market.

The Verborg Group is well-positioned to provide exceptional service and support to its clientele, benefiting from a state-of-the-art production facility and harnessing the collective expertise of both families. This partnership enables the Verborg Group to offer high-quality products and services in the realm of vegetable oils and associated industries, serving customers with excellence.