Vegetable oils are of sustainable value for humans, animals and the environment. In the transition to a post-fossil economy, natural bio sources for sustainable agro-, food and technical applications have an important role to play.

We believe in long-term partnerships as a path to success, where innovation benefits the entire chain. As a family business, we believe in what we do by asking the question every day how we can do even better tomorrow.


To be the most flexible and sustainable supplier of high-quality oils and fats with a state-of-the-art production facility. To become the first net zero bio refinery in Europe.


As a entrepreneurial family business, we are a leader in advanced applications of vegetable oils and fats for agro-, food and technical applications. Product solutions developed for and with customers, we are the business partner of choice.


How do we work


Sustainable plantations yielding high quality vegetable oils.

02Sea Jetty

9m depth with hightide and 230m maximum berth.

03Storage capacity

60.000 metric tons of sustainable storage capacity

04Refinery capacity

Ultramodern bio refinery of 200.000 metric tons a year of natural oils

05High Tech laboratory

High Tech laboratory to check quality at every point in the supply chain, guaranteed with certifications


State of the art indoor loading station at an excellent location for domestic transport so that the raw materials arrive on time